Terms & Conditions

Purchase Agreement

  1. We guarantee this puppy, to the best of our knowledge, to be healthy. It has had a complete physical exam by our vet, received the first puppy shots and has been dewormed. We are not responsible for any sickness, death or loss of the puppy after it leaves the premises. This includes, but is not limited to sickness , accidents, injury or theft.
  2. . The owner assumes all financial expenses for the puppy including, but not limited to vet bills, registration, food, surgeries, boarding, grooming etc. The new owner assumes responsibility to continue quality healthcare. Including yearly exams, monthly deworming, and any necessary medications and procedures.
  3. You have 10 BUSINESS DAYS to take the puppy to a licensed vet for a complete physical. If for any reason there is a physical GENETIC defect in the puppy that will cause certain premature death, we will exchange the puppy. We should be contacted immediately with the same number of the vet that diagnosed the issue. The vet will need to provide IN WRITING all of the results and a diagnose for our vet WITHIN 5 BUSINESS DAYS of the exam. If a replacement puppy is not available you will have first choice of the next available litter. If the puppy was not examined WITHIN 10 DAYS OF OWNERSHIP , the health guarantee becomes void.
  4. Northstar Kennels is not responsible for behavior problems, improper training, personal injury or property damage caused by the puppy now or in the future
  5. If your puppy gets a life-threatening illness WITHIN 10 DAYS OF OWNERSHIP and it can be traced back to our kennel, simply return the puppy and we will assume vet care until the puppy is finished with treatments and successfully completes a healthy vet check. Coccidia, Giardia, UTI, fleas, parasites and worms are not considered a life-threatening illness and are not applicable to the health guarantee. We will not reimburse the owner for any vet, mileage , prescriptions or other related expenses that you incur, nor will we charge you for the vet care that your puppy receives while we are caring for your puppy.
  6. We guarantee this puppy’s health for any GENETIC defects for 1 YEAR AFTER THE DATE OF PURCHASE. You must have official written documentation from your licensed vet and ours , of the bilateral dysplasia before a replacement puppy is given. All x-rays and documentation must be sent to our vet for second opinion. If the puppy is diagnosed with bilateral dysplasia, we will give you a free replacement puppy. We will not reimburse for any vet care , diagnostic exams, medications, or procedures related to genetic abnormalities.
  7. We reserve the right to obtain possession of the puppy if payment is made with insufficient funds.
  8. By purchasing a puppy from Northstar Kennels we agree to the above terms and conditions as listed.
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